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Universal Video Download Helper

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The v-Best video download helper tool supports many video sources

  • Weibo Video URL Parser/Downloader
  • Miaopai Video URL Parser/Downloader
  • Tencent/QQ Video URL Parser/Downloader
  • Instagram Video URL Parser/Downloader
  • Youtube Video URL Parser/Downloader
  • Tumblr Video URL Parser/Downloader
  • Facebook Video URL Parser/Downloader
  • Bilibili Video URL Parser/Downloader
  • TED Video URL Parser/Downloader
  • Flickr Video URL Parser/Downloader, iFeng Video Download
  • Sohu Video URL Parser/Downloader
  • Many Video Sources: Tudou, Ku6, 56, LeTV, ImgUR, Xiaokaxiu Video URL Parser/Downloader
  • Video URL Parser/Downloader for: mTime, PPS, PPTV, iqiyi, TV189, HunanTv, whichav, thisav, youav

How to Download Adult Videos for Free? Adult Video Download Tool Helper:

  • YouPorn Video Downloader
  • PornHub Video Downloader
  • 91Porn Video Downloader
  • WhichAV Video Downloader
  • YouAv Video Downloader
  • ThisAV Video Downloader
  • RedTube Video Downloader
  • JAVHD Javhihi Video Downloader
We recommend you to download those Sites in Bold via Chrome Extension (Video Download Helper) (with an Offline Smart Parser). The smart offline Video URL Parser is base on intelligent algorithm that tries to obtain the correct Video URL. On failure, you've still got the 3 powerful API servers which will use more resources to parse the real video URL behind these video web pages. The web tool and the Chrome Extension (Video URL Parser/Video Download Helper) is under active development and you can use it for free for ever!
  1. The Universal Video Downloader for All
  2. Online/Instant Weibo Video Download Helper
  3. Online/Instant Miaopai Video Download Helper
  4. Online/Instant iFeng Video Download Helper
  5. Online/Instant MSDN Channel9 Video Download Helper
  6. Online/Instant Tencent/QQ Video Download Helper
  7. Online/Instant YouTube Video Download Helper
  8. Online/Instant Instagram Video Download Helper
  9. Online/Instant TED Video Download Helper
  10. Online/Instant Flickr Video Download Helper
  11. Online/Instant ImgUr Video Download Helper
  12. Online/Instant Tumblr Video Download Helper
  13. Online/Instant YouPorn Video Download Helper
  14. Online/Instant RedTube Video Download Helper
  15. Online/Instant 91Porn Video Download Helper
  16. Online/Instant whichav Video Download Helper
  17. Online/Instant thisav Video Download Helper
  18. Online/Instant youav Video Download Helper
  19. Online/Instant datehub Video Download Helper
  20. Online/Instant wokao Video Download Helper
  21. Online/Instant singlove Video Download Helper
  22. Online/Instant seqing world Video Download Helper
  23. Online/Instant XiaoKaXiu Video Download Helper
  24. Online/Instant Bilibili Video Download Helper
  25. Online/Instant IQIYI Video Download Helper
  26. Online/Instant TuDou Video Download Helper
  27. Online/Instant 9gag Video Download Helper
  28. Online/Instant Ku6 Video Download Helper
  29. Online/Instant 56 Video Download Helper
  30. Online/Instant LeTV Video Download Helper
  31. Online/Instant Sohu Video Download Helper
  32. Online/Instant mTime Video Download Helper
  33. Online/Instant PPS Video Download Helper
  34. Online/Instant PPTV Video Download Helper
  35. Online/Instant Facebook Video Download Helper
  36. Online/Instant TV189 Video Download Helper
  37. Online/Instant YouKu Video Download Helper
  38. Online/Instant KanKan Video Download Helper
  39. Online/Instant JAVHD Javhihi Video Download Helper
  40. Online/Instant PornHub Video Download Helper
  41. Online/Instant HunanTV Video Download Helper

Supported Online Video URLs via Video Download API

The following videos sites are known as tested but this powerful online video download tool may also work with many other video sites.
You could send me email to propose a site or report a problem if you really want to download video from it. Video Video Video Video Video Channel9 Video Video Video Video Video Video Video Video Video Video Video Video Video Video Video Video Video Video world Video Video Video Video Javhihi Video Video
Video Download Application Programming Interface

Powerful Video Download API with Fair Use Policy
Example Return:
Example Return:
{"host":"","url":"","error":"Not a Valid Video URL.","error_ch":"\u4e0d\u662f\u6709\u6548\u7684\u89c6\u9891\u5730\u5740"}
All API calls are cached for one hour and results are updated hourly. However, the API server caches the API results for a day so the results are updated daily. You could write a simple script to batch download the videos using this powerful video-parser-download API.
You could replace the domain by the following Backup API Servers:
Chrome Extension

Chrome Extension: Video Download Helper or Video URL Parser

Chrome Extension: Video Download Helper or Video URL Parser

As shown above, add the extension in Chrome browser and click the button on the video page; wait a few seconds until the video URL is shown. Click to open in the new tab and you can save the video easily.

  • Available at Chrome Store
  • 3 Powerful API Servers as Backup (Free Charge)
  • Additional Offline Video URL Parser Algorithms for videos sites that require login, e.g. Instagram
  • Features Improvements and Bug Fixes are carried out on frequent basis
A Powerful Video URL Parser - Get Video URL (Quick&Correct). Smart Offline Parser + Remote API Servers. Chrome Extension: Video URL Parser / Video Download Helper / Video Offline Parser This simple plugin allows your to get real video URL (and download it) for MANY video sites. Popular Video Downloader/Parser. Downloads most popular media formats, flash videos. Download videos and flash videos from many websites. No special skills needed. This Chrome Extension has some intelligent inbuilt offline algorithms to parse some video sites (mostly required sign-in e.g. Instagram). Please don't be upset if your video URL can't be downloaded/supported, please report bugs/problems/site-suggestions and please consider help to support the API servers. This tool knows how to parse the .m3u8 format!
Why choose Video Download Helper?
  • it focuses on the useful video, let's say most of the time, I just want to download the ONE video that I am watching.
  • for some video sites, they break videos into many pieces/chunks (e.g. chunk_1.ts, chunk_2.ts ...), and it knows what to do!
  • it just parses/lists the video URL, it doesn't download or save automatically, so the choice is yours to download or save as the video.
  • the tool has client algorithms, so if it doesn't work, it will ask the remote servers for help, so please consider helping the cost of the servers.
  • the tool doesn't save the videos nor update the video, so it should be clear of any copyright-infringements (Hey, the video URL is already downloaded to client browsers, the tool just extracts it from the HTML source or other relevant public resources)
Copyright 2017 ©
The original websites retain the copyrights to their own videos. This site does not take any responsibility. This site is just a simple and handy video-url parser tool or video download helper.

The alternative Simplified Chinese version: 微博秒拍视频下载. Also visit Complete List of Useful Online Tools/Converters.

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